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Reimagine: Halal in Asia 2020

Jointly launched by CollabDeen, a remote community collaboration Mobile platform, and Have Halal, Will Travel, a global travel and lifestyle platform for Muslims, the inaugural Reimagine: Halal in Asia 2020 is a deep dive into the Muslim economy. Join us as we hear from industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs across various sectors such as Halal food, Halal tourism, modest fashion and more through a series of talks, panels and workshops. We welcome all participants, regardless of faith, to pursue this fast-growing Muslim market and build a strong Halal Ecosystem in Asia.




2 & 3 December 2020

Tapping On The Growth of Muslim Economy In 2021 & Beyond

Given Asia’s incredible growth, diversity, and resilience in the wake of Covid-19, Asia is positioned to lead the global Muslim economy. Reimagine: Halal in Asia 2020 focuses on what 2021 and beyond may look like for this economy.

This event will be virtual to adapt to the new normal and we strive to bring you the most important insights in these four key areas:

1. How the Muslim economy will change in 2021 and beyond
2. Which verticals of Halal sectors, companies, and business models are driving innovation
3. How to accelerate your business recovery locally and globally
4. How collaborations and technology can speed up the construction of the Global Halal ecosystem

Exclusive Launch of the Globally-Recognized SGIE 2020/21 Report

The 2019/20 State of the Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) report presents the continued momentum of the Islamic economy. This year, the prestigious SGIE Report 2020/21 will be launched in Singapore at Reimagine: Halal in Asia 2020.

The report estimates that Muslims spent $2.2 trillion in 2018 across the food, pharmaceutical and lifestyle sectors that are impacted by Islamic faith-inspired ethical consumption needs. The SGIE report aims to empower business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials to develop an actionable and high-impact market strategy focused on this economy.

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